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8-25-2002 - 1:44 p.m.

100 things, 100 bloggers, 100 days

The Yankee Blogger is asking for 100 things about 100 bloggers.

This looks like a fun project. Here's my entry.

Some of this may be old news:

1. My name is Justin James. I answer to Justin or JJ.

2.My sister named me after a heroic rat in the book 'Mrs. Frisbee and the Rats of NIMH'

3.Years later I returned the favor and suggested she name her son Ben. What goes around, etc.

4.One of my ancestors is a hero of the Alamo.

5. This got me a break once when I was arrested in Travis County, Texas for speeding.

6.I have a degree in Nursing from the University of Texas, which is in Travis County

7.I went to the University of Texas on a baseball scholarship

8.I was a pitcher. I once planned on becoming a major league pitcher and dreamed of pitching for the Yankees. I pitched for the Texas Longhorns in college, but my ERA hovered around 5-6. I tried out for the Astros and they never called me back. Oh well

9.In real life, I am more of a catcher, if you know what I mean.

10.I still look at my fingers when I type

11.Some people say my eyes are the same color as my hair

12.I'm blind in my left eye, which really screws with my golf game. No depth perception

13.I was born and raised into a tribe of hippies and spent my babyhood in tie-dye diapers, traveling the country and following the Dead.

14.I used to think Jerry Garcia and Santa were the same person

15.I have traveled to the North Pole and met Santa, heís up in Lapland. Thatís in Northern Finland

16.I have two lovers, and yes, they know about each other.

17.Their names are Ray and Michael

18. I don't believe triad relationships are as strange as some folks do. Don't ask me which one I love more. I love them both in different ways.

19. I do believe that cheating on your lovers is wrong.

20. I may flirt with you outrageously, but we are not going to have sex.

21.I became a father when I was only 17. I love my daughter, but I don't recommend this to others.

22. My ex-wife and I get along much better now that we are both past 30 than we used to

23.She bears the glamorous name of Kalinda

24.Our 14 year old daughter smokes and swears like Donnie Russo.

25. Ray and I have another daughter who just started kindergarten.

26. She was orphaned during Hurricane Mitch and we had to pick a name and a birthday for her. We picked February 14, because she is a sweatheart

27.I like to cook and grow all my own herbs. Anybody want some basil?

28.I can also Knit, itís moving mediation

29.Both my boyfriends swear they will only wear socks that I knitted myself

30.I get most of my socks at Target

31.I'm a psychologist. I think Freud was full of shit but I kinda like Dr Phil

32.I did part of my graduate work at Leavenworth Federal Prison.

33. My dissertation was about HIV as a chronic illness and drug compliance. A drug company paid me big bucks for my results.

34.I also still consider myself a nurse. It's a calling.

35. I used to work in the ER of a large childrenís hospital, it isnít nearly as exciting as on TV, but it had itís moments

36.This semester, I am teaching Mental Health nursing. That means I am taking students into the county Mental hospital. It should be weird.

37.I am also trying to build a private practice

38.I have no idea what my very best on-line friend looks like, but we have been friends for almost 5 years and I love him dearly. His name is Adam and he's a witch

39.My younger sister has so many tattoos; she could be in a circus sideshow.

40. My older sister had a surprise baby when she was 44.

41.Sheís a speech pathologist.

42.I drink way too much coffee.

43. I like Snapple, too.

44. I try to be careful about what I eat, but I am not always successful.

45.I have visited every continent except Antarctica.

46. Some of my favorite places are Alaska, Santa Fe, NM, Thailand and Scotland

47.One of my boyfriends and I just got back from 10 days in Italy

48.Both the boyfriends are physicians. One is a pediatrician, the other is an acupuncturist/internist

49.The pediatrician is a full blooded Lakota Indian.

50.He plays a lot of golf.

51.The acupuncturist is Chinese-American and has the most beautiful long black hair.

52. My grandmother had Alzheimer's disease and ended up in the fetal position not knowing her own name. My father also has Alzheimer's.

53. This scares me to death. Pray for a cure in my lifetime.

54.I think the Beatles are the Best. If you disagree, I don't want to hear about it.

55. All you need is LOVE

56.I once gave Yoko a bouquet of sunflowers

57.I have over 500 Ken dolls.

58.I almost died from Strep meningitis 4 years ago. I consider it a learning experience, but let's not do it again, OK?

59.I was born in 1970, just a few days after Jimi Hendrix died.

60.A lot of times, my birthday is on Election Day.

61.This would make me a Scorpio.

62.Worse job I ever day was separating knives, folks and spoons when they came out of the dishwasher at the dormitory cafeteria.

63.The dorm was so big, it had 2 zip codes.

64. My roommate in the dorm had won the Texas State spelling bee. This often came in handy

65.Another job I had was caddying at the country club.

66. The first time I ever had sex with my boyfriend, Ray, was on the greens at this same country club. 4th of July picnic, 1992.

67.The first time I ever had sex with the other boyfriend, Michael was in his office about 2 years ago.

68. Afterwards he apologized for his unprofessional behavior.

69. I get a lot of my opinions from listening to NPR.

70. I think Sting is really cool.

71. I donít smoke, I donít drink much and I donít use street drugs.

72. However, I am probably addicted to pain medications.

73.This doesnít concern me nearly as much as the fear of relentless pain does.

74.I have my very own cyber-stalker.

75.If you ever get a cyber-stalker, I hope they arenít AOL users, AOL is NOT helpful.

76.I donít like Brussel Sprouts.

77.I drive an electric blue Miata convertible. Itís cute.

78.The Tinman is my favorite character in the Wizard of Oz.

79. ĎCrazyí by Seal is my favorite song.

80.I also like ĎInstant Karmaí by John Lennon.

81. I think Gillian Anderson is a Goddess.

82.My older daughter has green hair this week.

83. I think George W Bush is a moron.

84.So far this year, our house has been thru a serious ice storm and hit by lightening

85. I fall asleep almost instantly after sex. Kiss me goodnight before, OK?

86.Have you figured out that I am gay?

87.This new Blue Pepsi stuff is terrible.

88. I donít mind feeding the squirrels at the bird feeder.

89. We have 2 cats and a black lab.

90. I donít understand how anyone could be cruel to animals.

91.Since I graduated, I have been reading trashy mysteries. Right now I am reading the Diana Mott Davidson series about the caterer that solves crimes.

92. I canít whistle or snap my fingers.

93.The boyfriends and I play Mah Jong a lot. It isnít all 3-way sex, you know.

94.Television is mostly boring, but I enjoy Food TV. I got to meet Tony Bourdain. Heís really tall

95. I donít think Martha is guilty.

96.Iím six feet tall.

97.Thereís nothing on the menu at Mc Donaldís I want to eat.

98. Ok, I do like their fries, but I try to avoid salt

99.The Name of my favorite porn video is ĎDr Jerkoff and Mr Hard

100.I wasnít sure I could think of 100 things to say About me, but apparently, I have

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