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8-24-2002 - 08:45

Live from the Powwow

Hau Kola!

That means ‘Hello Friends’ in Lakota. We’re coming at you live from the Rez in beautiful Rosebud, South Dakota. Its powwow weekend once again!

The tipi is erected; Ol Doc Hawk has his dancing shoes on and his Eagle feather in his hair. Missy has pretty new dress and Mikey is feeling the beat and ready to do a little drumming. Grandma Hawk and Aunt Dorelda have been cooking for days and the food is smelling delish. I love coming up here once a year to visit the in-laws (or whatever label it is that you hang on your boyfriend’s family)

The cuzzins claim that Miss Blossom has been waiting for me.

The back story on me and Miss Blossom: The cuzzins run a stable where they make an honest buck or two taking tourists horseback riding in ‘Indian Territory’ Last year when we came up, Ol Doc Hawk had expressed an interest in doing some riding, and he reminded the cuzzins that I had some mobility problems so he didn’t think one of the more spirited stallions was the horse for me. Cuzzins said not to worry; they had the perfect horse, Blossom.

Ray and Mikey get Thunder and Lightening, respectively. One of the cuzzins is riding a gorgeous beast named Diablo; the other is riding Fire, whose full name is Prairie Fire, after my family’s business. Miss Blossom is a well behaved old lady horse and we get along fine. I don’t particularly want to go chasing off across the prairie along with Thunder and Lightening. Blossom and I are content to amble along, stopping to smell the wild roses on the way.

Back at the stables later, the cuzzins are concerned, asking if Blossom had behaved like a lady and if I had any trouble. I said No, everything had been great. They reply that they knew we would get along.

Next day at the powwow, the cuzzins are in full Indian drag (and they look damn fine in it, too) and are making a buck or two by posing for pictures with little tourist children riding MY Blossom

More from the Powwow later, if you want to see pictures from last years powwow, including me and the Lovely Miss Blossom go herePowowow 2001



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