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4-7-2004 - 9:16 p.m.


I don’t usually watch a whole lot of teevee even though our cable bill is over $70/month. Ok, that includes Roadrunner, but you get my point.

There are several good reasons I don’t veg out in front of the tube that often.

1. I watch baseball and that doesn’t count

2. A majority of the shows are either stupid or silly

3. I have Justinland to maintain for your entertainment pleasure

4. I have group therapy on Tuesday and Wednesday nights

5. My hot BF goes to bed early

6. No more X-Files

I will watch ‘CSI’ and ‘Good Eats’ on FoodTV if they are are on, but I don’t plan my evening around them. The only show that evokes the ‘OMG, don’t forget to tape it or I will withhold sex is 24!

And it’s not just because I love Kiefer’s voice, which I do

24 is an E-ticket roller coaster of a show that has always left me breathless and exhausted by the time that digital clock ka-chunks, ka-chunks and flips over to the next hour. Consider me spent!

But damn those folks at Fox, they exploded the killer Ebola-like virus at the hotel 4am and then took the show off the air for 5 weeks. 5 weeks is a long time in teeveeland and even longer for 24 where every second counts.

Hello Fox. ‘American Idol’ or a bio-terrorism apocalypse? A virus could kill every man, woman and child in this country or amateur pop music? Guess which is more interesting to me?

How will Jack save the day and find the other 11 vials of the virus in just 9 more hours? What is up with always honorable President Palmer negotiating with terrorists? I thought we didn’t do that. Who is that handsome terrorist anyway and why does he hate Jack? Does the CTU staff get overtime when they work past 8hrs? How come nobody has tied Kim to the railroad track all season? What the heck happened to all the subplots, like Lady MacPalmer killing Allen Milligan and Chase’s baby? Is Jack still a heroin addict? He hasn’t been jonesing for the last several hours. Does CTU have a trauma counselor on staff? Where can I fax my resume?

And poor, lovely Michelle (who could be the next Mrs. Travis) is stuck in the hotel and has been exposed to the virus. There is talk of black suicide capsules. She calls her hubby, the very hot Tony Almeida (who looks a lot like Doc Hawk) and although she is about to die horribly, they are professionals and end their conversation not with regrets and ‘I love you’s but ‘call me back when you get a working protocol’

I talk to Doc Hawk by phone several times a day and never end a conversation without an ‘I love you’ because you just never know. We never discuss ‘working protocols’

I love Michelle; she is a genuine heroine. I even loved her when she shot the guy trying to escape from the hotel. Agent Gael (also hot) was the first exposed and he died horribly last night.. Michelle cried for about 2 seconds, took a deep breath and went back to work. See why she is going to be the next Mrs Travis, if she doesn’t die if course.

Which she could because 24 has never been sentimental about killing off popular characters. I mean they killed off Jack’s pregnant wife, remember?

Anyway “24"

(Fox; 8 p.m. Tuesday) Expect the unexpected

However, it was MUCH too pretty to stay inside and watch teevee today. So I went out with the camera and took some pics of Spring in Kansas, including a tulip tree for Antonio. The pics are in my Typepad Photo Album And whatever you do, don't miss the Easter Bunny Bush



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