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4-5-2004 - 7:04 p.m.

Monday Morning QB; Opening Day Edition

Omg. Omg! Opening Day was IN-Freakiní Credible! OMG. The Royals come back to win it in the bottom of the Ninth.

OMG. I'm hoarse from screaming.

7-3 WhiteSox. Randa gets on base and steals second. Ken Harvey gets a single. OMG! 2 on, Santiago (he's hot)gets a single. Randa Scores. Now itís 7-4. Mendy Lopez blasts one into the stands and ties the game. The place is on fire. Everybody screaming and on their feet. Angel Berroa is up and gets a single, then Beltan gets a 2 run HR to WIN the game. OMG!

Both Mom and Hawk agree 'Best game I ever saw' All the other teams have been warned. The Royals are for real

I wrote this Opening Day Last Year. Why re-invent the wheel? (cough, choke, wheeze) ďHello, this is Dr (cough, cough) Travis. Would you please tell (choke, gag) the boss that I wonít be in today? (cough, sneeze) I am afraid (cough) that I might have that Hong Kong SARS thing. (sneeze) It's really contagious, you know (cough, wheeze) But I should be better by tomorrow. Thanks. (cough, cough, cough) Iím sick all right. Itís BASEBALL fever, baby!! Just like that first crocus of spring, opening day of baseball is all about hope...and boy could we use it 'bout now. On that magical opening day, every player has the chance to bat 1,000. Every pitcher can win 20 games. Your team, even if they are a small-market club with no huge payroll can win the series. Donít believe me? See the 2002 Anaheim Angels. You got to believe!

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And since you asked for it:

Monday Morning Shortstop

Favorite Fast Food: Wendyís Chicken Spinach Salad

Bids on Ebay: A Sharper Image Noise Machine with 20 different sounds

Most Dangerous Passion of the Week: BASEBALL is BACK

2nd Most dangerous Passion:Coconut Shrimp. Hey look. Mikey Likes it obsession

Weird Stuff Charlie Ate: Cranberry Waffles

Song of the Week:íAll Apologiesí Nirvana because today is not only opening day, itís the 10th Anniversary of Kurtís Suicide.

Socks on the Needle: Still working on the shawl for Mom

Future Mrs. Travis of the Week:Vann Johnson

Democrat of the Week: What difference does it make? I live in Kansas

Reading: Still ĎDreamcatcherí, I keep falling asleep

$$$ spent at Target: none, but I havenít bought Easter Candy yet so watch out

Disappointment of the Week:618 Americans dead in Iraq. This is insane

Recipe of the Week:Iím considering a rack of lamb for Easter dinner

Where I Wish I was Instead of Here: Royals Stadium

Close Encounter of the Tantric kind: five, its spring

Health: itchy eyes, achy knees

Goal for the coming week: Finish the Diaryland to Typepad Transition

Good Dad Moment from last week: Surviving Chuck E Cheese

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