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4-4-2004 - 3:23 p.m.

Four, Four, Oh-Four

Is everyone having an enjoyable Palm Sunday?

We are here in Justinland after declaring the backyard deck ‘open for the season’ and firing up the BBQ grill. Your window of opportunity for pleasant deck weather in the heartland is mighty narrow…it’s either too damn hot or too damn cold…but like Baby Bear’s porridge, today it’s just right. And the forsythia is as pretty as it’s ever been

Michael and I had a long talk about my pessimistic world view of last week. M2 assures me that I add more light to the universe than I subtract. Coming from Mikey this is high praise indeed because he’s a freakin’ lighthouse in a storm.

Then we all had banana pudding with vanilla wafers and everybody felt a whole lot better.

Do me a favor and go here and check out the Justinland mirror universe and tell me what you think. I am considering relocating Justinland to Typepad from Diaryland. Typepad is a little more expensive but I like the way I can categorize the archives by topic and I like the photo albums. In Diaryland’s favor, it’s easy to use (which is why so many kiddies use it) and obviously, the stuff is already here and it takes time to move

So let me know, because once again, unlike Presidential elections, your vote counts.



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