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-3-29-2004 - 8:06 a.m.

MMQB: Spring Fling Edition

Favorite Fast Food: Krispy Kreme Cookies and Cream donut with a large up of the ‘extra bold’

Bids on Ebay: Jim Brickman CD

Most Happy Passion/AKA Dangeous Obsession: Scoring a Cherimoya

Second Most Happy Passion: Sunrise on the Bradford Pear by the driveway. Wow

Song of the Week: ‘Marching Season’ Yanni, except it’s not really a ‘song’

Sock on the Needle: I’m doing the shawl that was in Spring ‘Easy Knitting’ Sunrise on the Bradford Pear colors

Future Mrs. Travis of the Week: Not Dr Condoleeza Rice, huh Jeff?

Democrat: Ain’t it a damn shame when the lesser of 2 evils becomes your best choice.

Reading: ‘Dreamcatcher’ Stephen King

Movie I Want to See: I have been invited to the premier of ‘The Alamo’ because someone thought I might be interested in seeing my ancestor brutally slaughtered

$$$ spent at Target: $102.

Strangest thing Charlie Chan (the kitten) ate: cornbread and honey

Disappointment of the Week: I should be crying about the Hawks not making it to the Final Four, but yawn

Recipe of the Week: Stuffed chicken breast with cranberries and pecans

Where I Wish I was Instead of Here: Here is good, the tulip trees are in bloom and it smells like wet dirt

Close Encounter of the Tantric kind: three

Health: good

Goal for the coming week: the boys and I are putting down a new kitchen floor. Laminate, if you are interested



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