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3-22-2004 - 4:15 p.m.


Turn and face the strange ch-ch-ch-changes

So, how do you like it do far?

You could tell me if I could figure out how to add the comments sections back in. You can always e-male me at

So here's the Monday Morning Quarterback Week in review thing:

Junky Fast Food of the Week:Sonic Mozarella Stix. With the marinara, thank you

Bids on Ebay: It's been more of a QVC week, and I bought a rubber broom

Most Dangerous Passion of the Week:Redo on this freakin webpage

Second most dangerous passion: Top down in the Miata. Driving with no particular place ot go. Gas=$1.72/gal

Thing I couldn't care less about: March Madness, College B-Ball

Week:I've been playing the heck out of Yanni's 'Tribute' Driving with the top down, see above

Future Mrs. Travis of the Week: Lisa Robertson, the QVC hostess, not the infamous groupie

Democrat of the Week: I got a letter in the mail today from John Kerry. He wants money

Reading: ‘Blood Test' Jonathan Kellerman

Sox on the Needle: Blue-Black Crocs

$$ spent at Target: none, still smarting from last week

Disappointment of the Week:2 separate incidents of gunfire at the St Patrick's Day Parade. However none of the shooters appeared to be Irish

Recipe of the Week: Garlic, chives, leftover sliced potatoes, mushrooms smoked sausage, red pepper all sauted. Then Eggs poured over the top. Sort of like a fritata

Where I Wish I was Instead of Here: Aspen. Maybe next week

Close Encounter of the Tantric kind: two

Health: elm seeds are tearing up my eyes

Goal for the coming week: Get this website up and running

Good Dad Moment from last week:It involved handing out money. Imagine

Book read to Maria: Don't remember the name but there were panda bears



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