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3-16-2004 - 10:15 p.m.

Why it pays to hire a Professional

2 stories

BF Craigory had a flat tire the other day. He's a handy, strapping young lad, so we decided to let him handle changing the tire himself. You know me, I always try to avoid heavy lifting.

Well he did just fine jacking the car up, but for some reason, he couldn't get the lug nuts undone. Apparently Fords have some kind of a 'locking key' to prevent theft, according to the dealship.

I didn't know that. Hawk didn't know either and he drives a Ford. The good and honest folks (not)at the dealership offer to sell Craigory the locking key for $50. $50 bucks that he doesn't have because he is about to need new tires AND how is he supposed to drive over there when his car has a flat. So the dealership offers to tow the car for him.

Craigory wasn't born yesterday, he only looks that way. He pronounces the dealership 'thieving bastards' and Hawk and I could not disagree. Hawk pulls out his AAA card and they promise to send over someone to change the tire within 15 minutes.

Big ass tow truck arrives on our street in about the time it take to drink a beer, sitting on the porch waiting for the truck. BillyBob is wearing tight, tight jeans and pointy toe cowboy boots. Craigory tells him that we don't have the 'locking key' Billybob snarls and sez 'You don't need no fuckin' locking key'. Then he goes over to the car, kicks the hubcap about 5 times REALLY HARD and apparently the damn thing is now unlocked. The tire was changed withing seconds.

2nd story

Our poor house is always falling apart and this was the week the plumbing needed tweaking. I mention that I have called the guy who has sent me the '$75 off any job coupon' and everyone presents their lists of drippy faucets, slow drains and noisy toilets .

Jerry the plumber arrives right on time and I take him on a tour of the little annoying things that we could probably fix ourselves if we had the time or desire, which we don't. And then there is the little fact that I am banned from doing any plumbing since last time I had a wrench in my hand, I broke a pipe behind the bathroom wall and the whole damn thing had to be rebuilt.

Jerry gets down to work and I must say that he is fast, friendly, tidy and efficient. He also charged more an hour than I do and I have a freakin' PhD. Of course the only shit I have to deal with is mental.

The total. $750, but you should feel our water pressure



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