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3-10-04 - 7:01 p.m.

Only You Can Save This Sock

I have tried to love this sock. The yarn itself isn't bad; It's not Opal but it IS wool. The colors are bright, maybe a little too bright. I had visions of rainbow stripes, but it just ain't working out, as you can tell.

The pattern isn't to blame. This pattern is to die for done up in an Opal Southwest.

And of course, the workmanship is outstanding.

I just don't like the nasty little bastard and I am contemplating frogging the whole thing.

(Frogging is a knitting term that means to unravel and start over. As in Rippp-it)

Only you can save this sock!

Please Vote:

1) It's a lovely sock I would be proud to own and wear. Please finish the pair


2) Pure Drek, JJ. Destroy it before it multiples! WTF were you thinking buying yarn on sale at Hobby Lobby?

Remember,unlike Presidential elections, your vote counts!



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