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3-1-2004 (already) - 6:15 p.m.

Monday Morning Quarterback

or Welcome to the Hotel California

Favorite Fast Food: Arby’s Roast Beef and Big Eye Swiss, the au jus is a little difficult to handle while driving, so save this one for when you get to the office.

Weird stuff I bought on Ebay: A bamboo tabletop fountain. It’s a feng shui thing

Most Dangerous Obsession of the Week: M2

Second Most Dangerous Obsession: M2 and Rianne and I must say that if you are mature enough to own seductive undergarments, you should be mature enough not to leave them in the public areas of the house. Can I get an Amen!?

Song of the Week: Hotel California, of course. Such a lovely place.

Sock on the Needle: Some multi-colored thing by Berroco that I am not digging at ALL.

Future Mrs. Travis of the Week: Rosie and wife. You go, gurlfriends

Democrat: I don’t like any of them and I hate the whole idea of the lesser of the two evils. We deserve better

Reading: Dr Phil ‘Relationship Rescue’. Freud may have his own slippers, but Phil has a teevee show

Movie I Want to See: I’ve never seen any of the ‘Lord of the Ring movies’, could it be time?

$$$ spent at Target: $472. Yeah, I went a little crazy. Acquisition therapy?

Disappointment of the Week: My asshole behavior

Recipe of the Week:It involved chicken, tortillas, rice, red pepper,sour cream and black olives.

Where I Wish I was Instead of Here: Palm Springs, Living it up at the Hotel California. Anytime of year, you can find it here

Close Encounter of the Tantric kind: see above

Health: other than the tsunami inside my head? and the feeling that my eyes are on fire? Oh, and my mind is Tiffany twisted

Goal for the coming week: Smile, be happy and quit being an idiot…and moisturize, because I got a pretty little tan in PS.

Stupidest thing I have done all week: Ok, I am coming out of the grocery store and I have a gallon of milk in the left hand, several bags of groceries in the right (plastic, not paper) Car keys are in the right jean pocket. So I have to switch groceries to left hand to get the keys out. I place the jug of milk on the roof of the Expedition, but I forgot that I had left the sunroof open. Milk crashes thru the roof, hits the dash and explodes all over the leather interior of Ray’s SUV. Don’t tell him, OK

Mirrors on the ceiling; drink champagne on ice. She said "We are all just prisoners here of our own device"



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