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2-27-2004 - 7:19 a.m.

PS, I Love You

A conversation over dinner. (Hamburgers and Campbellís tomato soup, for the record

Ol Doc Hawk: You realize you have been an intolerable brat lately?

Me: Sorry, I donít mean to be.

ODH: ĎSorryí is just a word. Change your behavior, because you are making Mike miserable.

Me: Iím sorry

ODH gives me that withering laser look and we slurp some more soup. Then he smiles at me and itís like the sun coming out in February

ODH: Iím taking tomorrow afternoon off and I thought we could fly out to Palm Springs and play some golf. Mom said she would watch Maria

Me: (dazed and confused) This is my punishment for my bad behavior? Banished to Palm Springs?

ODH: Consider that it separates you and Mike for 3 days. He and Rianne can work out whatever they have and, more important, I get to play some golf.

Score! PS is filled with pretty boys, awesome scenery, good Mexican food and world class golf.*(amusing PS Story)

Me: No doubt you have already bought tickets, made reservations and got tee times. Did Michael offer to finance the whole trip?

ODH: No, but itís a thought. So, you in?

Me: Hell ya, Iím in. I like the way you punish.

ODH: (glancing at the teevee that Maria is watching in the other room) Ooooh look, Colby and Ethan are conspiring against Rich.

*Amusing PS Story

Last time we were there it was in August and 120 in the shade. Iíve always said I wanted to go Ďin seasoní We stayed at one of those all boys, clothing optional resorts. Upon checking in, we were told that the resort offered a Ď1% per inchí room discount. Whip it out, get it up, get measured and save, save, save! Hawk, who can do math in his head, realizes he got around $70 worth of savings right there in his jeans and accepts the offer. It was an interesting weekend

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