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2-26-2004 - 5:44 p.m.

Those Scary Voices Inside My Head

As an alternative, humanistic behaviorist and fully invested member of the BF Skinner/Pavlovís dog fan club, most of the time I think that Freud was full of crap. Sadly, we are pretty much all just rats in the maze, chasing the cheese or chasing the other ratís bootie, all the time trying to avoid the big zap.

Itís harsh worldview, but I deal with it.

But sometimes (like lately) I notice that there is this war going on inside my skull between my Id, my Ego and My Super Ego

My drooling slobbering goatboi id says: "I hate him, I HATE HIM! Iím going to kill him. But goddamn heís hot and I want to fuck himÖRIGHT NOWí...and then maybe go out for some Mexican food. Or maybe Iíll eat Mexican food, then Iíll fuck him. Then Iíll kill him. Then I'll gnaw on the bones of his skull because Michael is Mine

Mine, Mine, MINE!

Ego says:"Ok, Dr Travis, take a deep breath and think this thing through. Acting like an immature jerk is not the best way to get what I want. Itís impossible for anyone to love a hysterical horny goatboi or a screaming diva. And I want love. I deserve it because I am a nice person, a gentleman and an adult. So act like one, goddamn it! You donít hunt people down and kill them when they cross you, right? Everyone has a right to their opinions and they are just trying to get their needs met. Now, why donít you invite Rianne out to dinner and the two of you can talk over Mexican Food?

Canít we all just live together in peace?

Superego: Shame, shame, shame on you, Justin! Killing is wrong. Mommy raised you better than to carry on like this. God will punish you for your evil, violent thoughts by shriveling up your dick . Bad Justin, Bad!

ID: Ok, I suppose we can ask him out for dinner, and play nice, but I want Margaritas!

Meanwhile, Freud lovers, check this out

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