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2004-02-25 - 6:16 p.m.


Lent begins today, but as you can imagine, a goatboi doesn't do Lent. A Goatboi is not about denial; The Goddess wants us to celebrate!

Still the goatboi can be a spiritual creature, even when he spends much of his life in a Skinner box doing not much more than reacting to the stimuli. Sometimes it's good to be reminded to breathe

Sometimes Ol' Doc Hawk makes you laugh and says 'Magoo needs to go up on the mountain to get his head together' which is a quate from one of his favorite movies.

To that I say 'You want me to go up into the mountain to clear my head, take me to Aspen for a 3-way weekend'

Meanwhile here's a prayer for this Holy Day. I didn't write it. I'm just trying to live it. It's called the Passionheart Prayer and has nothing to do with Mel's new movie

PassionHeart Prayer

God, let my soul breathe Passion. Let me flow with the beauty of Creation. Fill me with love as I merge the Elements of Life.

Open my awareness to my journey map, my adventures and their consequences, so I can navigate the paths to the fulfillment of my destiny.

Let me live Passionately:

Wise - Intuitive, Intelligent, Visionary, Efficient, Practical.

Awake - Alert, Sharp, Smart, Vital, Organized.

Loving - Smiling, Cooperating, Compassionate, Faithful.

Strong - Responsible, Committed, Prosperous, Leader.

Restful - Relaxed, Peaceful.

Playful - Adventurous, Fun, Beautiful, Sensual, Blissful.

Let me learn and experience your awesome splendor: nature, life, arts, sciences, and the wisdom in mythologies of sacred traditions and scriptures.

Let me swim healthy and vibrant in the river of life. Soak my body in love, and radiate it around me.

Let my partner and I support our mutual growth. Our unique qualities enriched, and merge us into an intimate and beautiful union.

Let me provide my family with the environment to become passionate and fulfilled, and embody the quality of life we deserve.

Let my friendships be loving, enlightening, fun, and respectful.

Let my talent and skills contribute to passion life in my community. Celebrating our humanity, promote peace and harmony among all people.

Let my neat and beautiful home induce healing and love.

Let me exchange abundant prosperity with my community and environment.

Goddess Gaia, I'm grateful for your sustenance of life and its cycles on Mother Earth. Let me fully engage in this magic, and enjoy Nature's beauty.



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